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  1. The size of the court shall be 30 x 60 feet.
  2. The net shall be placed so that the top line is 8 ft.
  3. Each team shall consist of 6 players. Players rotate clockwise.
  4. A match consists of the best 2 out of 3 games.
    • The first two (2) games shall consist of 25 points and must win by 2 points.
    • The last game will be played to 15 and the winner must win by 2 points.
  5. A point shall be called when the receiving team fails to return the ball legally to the opponents court.
  6. The captains shall toss for service and courts. The winner of the toss may elect to take first service or the court. The teams will switch courts at the end of each game of the same match.
  7. Honesty in officiating makes the game more enjoyable for all.
  8. Keep the game moving.
  9. Anyone playing or assumed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be ejected from the game a subject to suspension for one calendar year from all intramural and recreation activities.


  1. Serve shall be made by the back right player who must stand with both feet behind the right back line of the court. The ball must be served over the net into the opponents court with one hand (open or closed).
  2. When a served ball touches the net, passes under the net, or touches any player, surface, or object before entering the opponents court, a side-out shall be called.
  3. The ball is out of bounds when it touches any surface or object outside of court.
  4. The ball striking the boundary line shall be considered good.
  5. Any ball other than a serve may be played from the net, providing the player avoids touching the net.
  6. When a ball momentarily comes to rest in the hands or arms of a player and is not clearly hit he shall be considered as catching or holding the ball.
  7. A player may only touch the ball once until another player has played it, unless the individual contacts the ball simultaneously with another player.
  8. Players may not touch the net under any circumstances.


  1. A maximum of 6 players may be on the floor at one time. The recommended number of males is 3 and females is 3.
  2. At least 3 females must be on the court at all times.
  3. A female must touch the ball before it can be returned over the net.
  4. No spiking or blocking a served ball.