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  1. A $25.00 fee will be required.
  2. Captains will sign in players 15 minutes before scheduled game time.
  3. All umpire decisions are final – no abuse will be tolerated.
  4. Teams must begin and finish with 8 players.
  5. All players present are eligible to bat. A player arriving late joins the batting order at the end. Only 10 players from the batting order can play the field at a time.
  6. Free substitution is allowed at the end of each inning for fielders.
  7. The batting order shall be filled out with the umpire before each game. Umpires will have the necessary forms.
  8. Anyone playing or assumed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be ejected from the game and subject to suspension for one calendar year from all intramural and recreation activities.
  9. All softball games are played at Lions Stadium and equipment is supplied. You must use the bats supplied by the intramural department.
  10. Teams will have a 5 minute grace period to field a full team and start the game.
  11. No gum or sunflower seeds are allowed inside Lion’s Stadium.


    1. No metal spikes. Rubber spikes are permitted.
    2. One hour time limit or 7 innings. A game will be completed after five innings.
    3. A new inning will not be played past the 50 minute mark.
    4. If a game is called because of foul weather or darkness, the score shall revert to the last completed inning.
    5. If a team is leading by 10 or more runs at the end of the fifth inning, the game will be called.
    6. If a team is leading by 15 or more runs after the 3rd inning, the game will be called.
      • There is a cap of 10 runs per team per inning. When a team scores 10 runs, that side of the inning will automatically end, regardless of how many outs there are. However, more than 10 runs can be scored. This occurs if runners are on base with and the last batter up hits an extra-base hit and all runners score. If the run total goes above ten, all runs will count then the inning will end.
    7. In case of any questionable weather, call the IM office (771-2712) or check
    8. A runner may not leave the base before the ball is hit. If so, the runner is declared out.
    9. No sliding or diving on arrival to a base. Diving is permitted when returning to a base. Only head first diving.


    • Since sliding is illegal, base runners may run through 2nd and 3rd base, similar to 1st base to avoid collision. However, the runner must come back to the base in a straight line. If they attempt to make a turn or movement to the advancing base, they can, in the umpire’s judgment, be tagged and declared out.
  1. No bunting…automatic out.
  2. No stealing…automatic out.
  3. All batters start their at-bat with a one (1) strike count.
  4. Two foul balls following the second strike will constitute an out.
  5. Designated runners are allowed for injured players only.
  6. All pitches shall have a definite arc or be declared a ball by the umpire, unless the batter hits the ball. This remains at the discretion of the umpire. Batters may attempt to hit an illegal pitch.
  7. 12 foot maximum and 6 foot minimum for men and there will be leniency for women.
  8. Protests of any kind must be filed with the umpire, the program supervisor and then submitted to the Program Coordinator of Intramural at the Office in the Student Recreation Center within 24 hours from the start of the game. Remember to cite the rule, the situation, date and teams competing.
  9. Over throws:
    • One base from infield
    • Two bases from outfield


  1. Any ball hit over an infield fence will be a dead ball and the runners will advance accordingly. If the ball is kept within the fence, it is in play.
  2. If a pitch hits a batter, that pitch is considered a ball.
  3. Any ball rolling under the outfield fence is dead; advancement is umpire’s judgment.
  4. Any ball hit over the right field fence (Field A) is considered a ground-rule double.
  5. Players on base will advance accordingly when a ball is hit right off the light pole (at the entrance to the bleachers) and left of the baseline.
  6. Any ball that hits the light pole (in the air) or is hit over the fence to the left of the light pole, it is considered a homerun.
  7. Any ball hit down the right field hill on Field B is still in play. The runner must round all bases and make it home to be considered a homerun.
  8. A foul ball must be caught on the turf. If it is fielded on the black top it is not considered an out but a strike. Once caught on the turf, the fielder can step onto the black top and is still considered in play.
  9. Hitting teams are responsible for all foul balls. Any team not retrieving balls will forfeit the game.


  1. A co-rec team must have a minimum of four women to play. There must be an even number or more women than men on the field at any given time.
  2. Line-ups must alternate male and female. However, females can hit behind other females.
  3. If a male draws a walk, the next female due to hit has the option to also take a walk or attempt to hit.