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  1. An official team shall consist of 7 players:
    • Four (4) forwards (left wing, left mid, right mid, right wing)
    • Two (2) defenders (left and right)
    • One (1) goalkeeper
  2. A captain shall be designated for each team. The captain must be at the playing field at all times.
  3. A team may start and finish with 6 players.
  4. Teams must report to the playing field 15 minutes prior to game time.
  5. There will be a ten minute grace period for forfeits. Two (2) forfeits and the team is out of the league.
  6. For programming changes due to weather conditions or for any questions pertaining to programming, please contact the IM office (771-2712).
  7. Anyone playing or assumed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be ejected from the game and subject to suspension for one calendar year from all intramural and recreation activities.


  • Field Goal – 1 point
  • Penalty Goal – 1 point
  • Defaulted Game: 1 – 0
  • Tie Game: Score stands


  1. The game will consist of 20 minutes halves of running time, 5 minute halftime.
  2. Time outs may be taken only when the ball is not in play or anytime in case of injury. Two 60 second time outs shall be allowed to each team during a game.
  3. The game shall be commenced by a place kick from the center of the field in the direction of the opponent’s goal; must be kicked into the opponent’s territory at least the distance of its own circumference.
  4. The player who kicked the ball may not touch it again until it has been touched by another player.
  5. No opponent shall cross the restraining line and no teammate of the one making the kick shall cross the halfway line until the ball has been kicked.
  6. After a goal is scored, the team scored against shall take the kick-off.
  7. For any infringement on the kick-off, an indirect free kick shall be awarded at the spot where the foul occurred.
  8. Player’s Privilege:
    • A player must dribble, volley, block, trap or pass the ball.
    • A player in possession of the ball may place him or herself between his or her opponent and the ball.
    • A player may kick the ball while it is trapped by an opponent provided he or she does not commit a foul.
  9. Goalkeepers Privilege:A goal keeper may:
    • Pick up the ball
    • Bounce the ball
    • Punt the ball
    • Drop kick the ball
    • Throw the ball
    • Combine a bounce with a punt, drop kick, or throw
    • Take 4 steps with the ball in his or her hands proceeding a punt, or a drop kick or throw

    A goal keeper may not:

    • Delay the game by holding the ball longer than 3 seconds
    • Carry the ball (when the goalkeeper takes more than 4 steps without bouncing, rolling, or releasing the ball in a free manner.)


  1. A player MAY NOT trip, kick, strike, hold, push, jump, or use unnecessary roughness at an opponent.
  2. The referee may suspend any player or players from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct or unnecessary roughness.
  3. An indirect free kick shall be awarded at the spot if the foul occurs outside the penalty area.
  4. A direct free kick shall be awarded if the foul is made by the attacking team inside the penalty areas.
  5. A penalty kick shall be awarded to the opponents if the foul is made by the defensive team within their own penalty area.