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Indoor Soccer


  1. The rules for fouls, hand balls, and penalties are the same as the Intramural Soccer Rules.
  2. The game shall consist of (2) 18-minute periods (running clock). There is no overtime during the regular season.
  3. Overtime: One five minute sudden death period. If not concluded, there will be a 3-person shoot-out. If still not concluded, teams will alternate shooters till a winner is declared. Only players on the floor during the conclusion of the game will be allowed to shoot.
  4. Team shall consist of (1) goalkeeper and (5) field players each.
  5. A team has a 5 minute grace period before forfeiting. A team may start with only 5 players.
  6. Each team is limited to only 3 varsity players. A varsity player as defined in the TCNJ Rec Handbook. In Co-Rec, no more than 3 males can be on the field.
  7. Any personal foul which prevented the scoring of a goal will result in a penalty kick. All other fouls will result in an indirect free kick from where the ball was at the time the foul was committed. All flagrant fouls will result in a one minute penalty in the penalty box.
  8. The top of the bleachers, the pipes on the wall behind the goals, the ceiling, and behind the goals are considered out of bounds. The ball is put back into play by an indirect kick. A goal kick may not cross mid-field without touching the ground first.
  9. The goal keeper shall handle the ball only within the goal area. The goal area is the three point circle on the court.
  10. A goalie distribution may not cross mid-field without touching another player. Violations result in an indirect free kick from mid-field.
  11. Defensive players must be 4 ft. away from the indirect kick. Only one warning will be given by the officials.
  12. Hanging on the goals will result in a one minute penalty. Maliciously damaging goals will result in game suspension plus the player or team will be charged for the damage to replace or repair the goals.