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  1. All Intramural Guidelines will apply.
  2. Rules will be governed by the NFHS
  3. No black soled shoes allowed.
  4. All official’s judgments are FINAL.
  5. All teams must have numbered and color-coordinated shirts by the 3rd game or a foul shot will be awarded for each violation at the start of the game and the start of the second half.
  6. Check out any practice balls at the front desk, bring your I.D. Your ID also verifies your participation in your game.
  7. Only the captain may speak to officials.
  8. No spectators allowed between basketball courts. Players must remain on the far side near the scorer’s table. Spectators must watch from the opposite side.
  9. Anyone playing or assumed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be ejected from the game and subject to suspension for one calendar year from all intramural and recreation activities.


  1. Team captains and players are responsible for understanding all game rules and the current edition of the TCNJ Intramural Guidelines.
  2. Players are to report to game sites at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled starting time. In case of inclement weather, please to verify game cancellation.
  3. Games will consist of (2) two twenty minutes halves (running time). The clock will stop during the following times only:
    • All whistles and shooting fouls during the last two minutes of each half
    • Time outs
    • Half time (a five minute period of time)
    • GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME (teams given 5-minute grace period)
  4. Two 60-second time outs per team, per half. They do not carry over. One time out per team per (5) five minute overtime periods. They do not carry over into extra overtime periods. Clock stops on all whistles during the last minute of an overtime period. Time outs can only be called when the ball is in team’s possession. Time outs do not advance the ball up-court.
  5. OVERTIME: 5 minute period with one time out per team. Fouls carry over from regulation. Clock stops during the last minute.
  6. MERCY RULE: Game will be declared over if a team is up by 30 points at or after 10 minutes remaining in the game.
  7. NO DUNKING AT ANY TIME! Violation will result in a technical foul and player disqualification.
  8. Teams will be shooting one-and-one free throws on the 7th team foul. On the 10th team foul, teams will be shooting two free throws.
  9. 3 team technical fouls result in team forfeiture of the contest.
  10. Players will be disqualified from the game on their 5th foul.
  11. All eligible players must present TCNJ student ID and sign-in with their game number on the score sheets (PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY). Any player arriving late who is not signed in on the score sheet will be assessed a technical foul when that player enters the game.
  12. A game may begin with four players and end with no less than two.
  13. Team captains are responsible for informing all team members of playing times and dates.
  14. Eligibility – All TCNJ students, faculty and staff. Ex-Varsity players will be permitted to participate in intramurals under the following guidelines:
    • An ex-Varsity player is defined as any player who won a varsity letter
    • In the A-league only 3 ex-Varsity players will be allowed per team
    • Players who participated in varsity sports more than 5 years ago are not considered varsity athletes any more
    • Individuals who are participating in a collegiate sport for the current season will be ineligible to participate in that intramural sport
  15. Any player who is ejected from a game must leave the building within two minutes of the ejection or that player’s team will be subject to forfeit.
  16. The game and all overtime periods will officially begin when the officials toss the game ball at center court for a jump ball. The second half will start with the ball being inbounded by the team in posession at mid-court.
  17. All officials’ judgments are final. Only misinterpretation of rules may be protested. All rule interpretation protests must be brought to the attention of the official, the other team captain and then the program supervisor on duty. The protest must be made in writing and submitted to the Rec Center within 24 hours. Please refer to pg. 9 of the IM-Rec Handbook.
  18. The officials shall have the power to make decisions on any points not specifically covered in the rules.
  19. The officials shall penalize unsportsmanlike conduct by any player, coach, substitute, team attendant or follower.
  20. The captain is the representative of his/her team and may address an official on matters of interpretation or to obtain essential info, if it is done in a courteous manner.
  21. A substitute who desires to enter the game shall report to the scorer table. If entry is at any time other than between halves, the substitute must wait for a time out or a dead ball and can enter only after the scorers horn sounds and when recognized by the officials. Failure to comply will result in a technical foul.
  22. The following violations will be enforced:
    • Blocking foul
    • Double foul
    • Flagrant foul
    • Technical foul
    • Player Control Foul
    • Unsportsmanlike foul
    • Intentional foul
    • Personal foul
    • Multiple fouls
    • Traveling
    • Holding
    • Back Court Violation
    • Out of Bounds
    • Double Dribble
    • Improper Alignment on a Jump Ball
    • Offense in the Key for 3 Seconds
    • Five & Ten Second Rule
    • Kicking Ball (Un/Intentional)
    • Goaltending
    • Delay of Game
    • Moving Screen
    • Any Moving or Stationary Violation the Officials Deem Illegal
  23. No players may enter the free throw lane until the shot has hit the rim. Failure to comply will result in a violation:
    • Offensive – Ball is inbounded by opposing team
    • Defensive – Extra shot is attempted if the shooter fails to be successful
  24. All parts of the back boards are considered in play. When the ball comes in contact with a brace supporting the back board it is a dead ball.
  25. The inbounding player may run along the baseline after a made basket.
  26. Any successful shot which is attempted by a player prior to an offensive foul is considered good.
  27. Any time an offensive player attempts a shot by jumping straight up the defender must allow him space to come down.
  28. The hand is not considered part of the ball.
  29. A defensive player who is stationary is allowed to jump straight up to deter an offensive player but may not attempt any swinging motion of any sort. Compliance, offensive player is awarded an offensive foul. Failure to comply, defensive player received a personal foul.
  30. A potential rebounder may not back into any other player.
  31. Rules and regulations may be amended or updated at any time to insure fair play.
  32. Technical fouls will be considered as a personal foul.
  33. Three point play – Three points will be awarded if a basked is made when the shot leaves the hand with both feet behind the green and/or white line arc. The feet may land inside the arc. If a foul is committed by the defense, 3 free throw attempts will be awarded.
  34. 3-ON-3 CO-REC RULES
    • Teams may be comprised of 2 males and 1 female or 2 females and 1 male. A female MUST be on the court at all times.
    • Game length is two 7 minute halves with 1 time out per half. Overtime will be 3 minutes with one time out.
    • Scoring values:
      • Female: Normal 2-point shot is 3 points and a normal 3-point shot is 4 points
      • Male: Normal point values are the same.
    • Ball must be checked before beginning a new possession.
    • Teams will play with a women’s ball.
    • All other NFHS, NIRSA, and TCNJ Intramural rules apply.