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The Official’s Handbook


Each Recreational Sports Official is responsible for familiarizing him/herself with these guidelines. The Intramural Sports Staff greatly acknowledges the contribution its student officials make to the operation of the Intramural program.

Service Philosophy

As an Intramural Sports Official, your job is to serve the students, staff, and faculty of The College of New Jersey. It is imperative that Intramural Sports Officials realize the importance of their position. The success of our program depends a great extent upon the degree to which our staff is able to communicate among themselves; act in a courteous, consistent manner, and present a positive attitude.

Out on the field, or on the court, the example you set, your responses to the questions presented by participants, and your willingness to assist will either contribute to or detract from the service provided by the Intramural program.

Without your services, the intramural opportunities available to our participants would be considerably reduced. However, if you are not dedicated to the service philosophy the Intramural Sports staff has adopted, you may nullify the total efforts of the program. One hundred percent cooperation is needed to make The College of New Jersey’s Intramural program successful in meeting the needs of its participants.

A good official should reflect an interest in both the game and the players. Do not give flat ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. It is very important that you cooperate with the participants to the best of your ability. Remember that you represent the Intramural Sports Department, and are expected to act in a professional manner.

Hiring Procedures

  1. Officials are required to fill out an Official’s Availability form before they officiate in an intramural contest. The form can be picked up at the Assistant Coordinator’s desk in the Recreation Center.
  2. Officials must turn in their forms and be certified for employment before they officiate.
  3. Each official is required to attend all official clinics and meetings and pass a possible written rule’s test.

Attendance Policy

  1. Weekly meetings and clinics are mandatory and therefore must be attended.
  2. If a meeting cannot be attended by and official, the official must phone and inform the Intramural staff (Program Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator) that they are unable to make the meeting, or they forfeit their schedule.
  3. Officials must show up to their scheduled shifts no later then 15 minutes prior to game time.
  4. It is policy of the Intramural Sports Department that there is no excuse for officials missing their work hours. For those individuals who do miss a shift, points will be assigned to the Intramural Sports Department Point System.

Work Scheduling

  1. Officials will be scheduled weekly to referee games. Schedules will be emailed and posted on the board behind the front desk of the Recreation Center. Anyone unable to work that week or certain day, please see the assistant intramural coordinator in advance.
  2. If you make the commitment to officiate a game(s) and you wish to obtain a substitute, immediately notify the Intramural staff in charge of scheduling officials. Failure to report an officiating assignment change may cause for dismissal. It is your responsibility to find a qualified official from the list provided.


  1. Each official will be responsible for signing his or her name on the game sheet. Failure to do so might cause you not to get paid. Please keep track of your own games. If you think your pay is incorrect, bring it to the immediate attention of the assistant intramural coordinator.
  2. The basic pay for Intramural officials will be $8.00 per contest.
  3. Paychecks may be picked up on a To Be Announced basis. The checks will be located on the Assistant Intramural coordinator desk. The Student Finance Board (SFB) has the responsibility of writing out all official checks. Sometimes the checks are late due to the busy schedule of the SFB.

Reporting to Work

  1. Officials must arrive at their assigned game site 15 minutes before they are scheduled to work.
  2. Absolutely no consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed before or during assigned games. If you come to the game site with alcohol on your breath, you will be immediately dismissed. No exceptions!
  3. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and sunflower seeds are prohibited while on duty.

Clothing and Equipment

  1. You should dress in clothing that will enable you to officiate the games comfortably and efficiently. A helpful hint is to bring additional clothing for later in the evening, or year, and be prepared for inclement weather.
  2. The Intramural Sports Department will supply you with an official’s shirt and other equipment needed for you to properly officiate a game. Officials must wear these shirts.
  3. NO JEANS, BOOTS, SANDALS, HATS (except football and softball), or other apparel that is deemed improper.
  4. If an official is seen on their cell phone while officiating a game, they will be removed immediately and be subject to penalty.

Injury Procedure

  1. If there is any doubt about the seriousness of a player’s injury, or the participant’s ability to move, keep the participant still and have someone get the supervisor on duty. This precaution is extremely important in trunk, head or neck injuries.
  2. Assist the supervisor in completing the injury report form.

Problems for Supervisors

  1. The Intramural Sports Supervisor at each game site will make all necessary game-related decisions.
  2. The supervisors are there to provide support when participants do not respect your decision, are abusive, or whenever any of the following problems occur: question on rules, swearing, verbal abuse between teams, protest, fighting, uncontrollable spectators, or injury.
  3. When a player or spectator is ejected from the game, a written report must be filled out completely. The official who threw out the person and the supervisor are responsible to fill out the ejection form.
  4. Any participant ejected from a game will abide by the ejection policy, which is published on the intramural web site. This policy will determine the severity of the penalty. Repeated ejections by a player may cause that player to be suspended from all intramural play.


  1. Officials are required to carefully check and sign all score sheets.
  2. Remember you are a representative of the Intramural Sports Department. Therefore, you are asked to always conduct yourself professionally.
  3. Supervisors must wear TCNJ athletic supervisor polo supplied by the department on all shifts.
  4. Officiating is a difficult job. Treat your fellow officials as you would want to be treated.
  5. If an official is also a participant in Intramurals and he or she is ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct, he or she will receive 2 infraction points.

Point Evaluation

Failure to comply with any of the Intramural Sports Employee Regulations will be based on the following point evaluation system:

Infraction Points
Late to Officiating Shift:
(0 – 10 minutes) 1
(10 – 20 minutes) 2
(20+ minutes) 3
Missed Scheduled Supervising Shift * 4
Leaving Assigned Area During Shift 2
Improper Procedure, Conduct on Duty, Uniform 2
Not Completing Paperwork Properly 1
Unexcused Absence from Officials Class or Clinic 1
Inappropriate Attitude/Unsportsmanlike Conduct * 2
2+ Whistles Loss of Pay for One Game

* also must meet with the coordinator of intramurals before continuing work.

At the accumulation of 5 points, you will be put on probation.

At the accumulation of 8 points, a meeting will be scheduled with your immediate supervisor to determine suspension or termination.

The employee will be notified of each infraction by a written statement including the reason the points were assessed, plus the total accumulated points of the employee. All infractions can be appealed by the employee.