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Intramural Handbook


The Intramural, Recreation, and Sports Club Department provides members of The College of New Jersey community with an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of competitive and leisure-oriented activities.

Extensive programming is coordinated throughout the recreational-sports complex which includes the Students Recreation Center, Packer Hall, the Aquatic Center, a lighted Astroturf sports field, lighted outdoor tennis courts, a synthetic 400 meter track, Green Lane recreational fields, a sand volleyball court, a soccer complex, a baseball and softball field, and campus lakes.

A wide variety of individual, dual and team intramural sports are offered at TCNJ. Some of the most popular are men’s and women’s softball, flag football, men’s and women’s basketball, floor hockey, indoor soccer, and many co-recreational sport activities such as volleyball and softball.

Eligibility for Intramural Contests

  1. All students, faculty and staff may participate in the Intramural Program. A student is defined as a person enrolled in The College of New Jersey that is paying a student activity fee.
  2. All part-time students and non-matriculated students who have been assessed an activity fee are eligible to participate.
  3. Teams entering Intramural competition may select team names which represent approved College of New Jersey Organizations such as fraternities, sororities and residence halls. However, groups of individuals may not utilize National Fraternity/Sorority names should they not be recognized and approved organizations by The College of New Jersey. Teams may elect to participate under additional team names as long as the team name is not discriminatory or derogatory.
  4. To be eligible for The College of New Jersey intramural activities, participants must be in good physical condition. Upon entering an intramural activity, participants absolve The College of New Jersey of responsibility for any injuries incurred during an intramural activity. Any person injured during an intramural activity must report this to the Intramural Supervisor on duty so an accident report can be filed with the Department.
  5. Individuals wishing to participate in any intramural program must be covered by school insurance or personal insurance
  6. Ex-Varsity players will be permitted to participate in intramural under the following guidelines:
    1. An Ex-Varsity Player is defined as any player who has won a varsity letter. (If you have played in a varsity game then you are considered an ex-varsity player.)
    2. In the A-League only three ex-varsity players will be allowed per team. (However, A-League basketball and softball only (2) two ex-varsity players will be allowed). The Program Director and Coordinator may increase or decrease the amount of players at any time.
    3. Players who have participated in a Varsity Sport more than 5 years ago will not be considered as ex-varsity.
    4. Individuals who are participating in a collegiate sport for the current season will be ineligible to participate in that intramural sport. (i.e. current baseball players may not participate in the Intramural Softball Leagues.) If an individual is ineligible to compete on a varsity collegiate team, but practices regularly with that team, that individual shall be considered a team member and ineligible for intramural play.
  7. Faculty-Staff members may organize their own teams. However, they may play on the same team with students.
  8. A player may play on one (1) team per gender per sport. However, you may play as many different sports as you wish. Any individual playing on more than one team in any one sport will be suspended from all intramural participation for one year.
    1. For example a male may play on one (1) men’s team and one (1) co-recreational team. They cannot play on two men’s teams and a co-rec team.
  9. All participants’ names must appear on the team roster on
  10. Players may not be added to the team roster once the third league game has been played.
  11. Alumni are not eligible to participate in any intramural sport competition, but are permitted to participate in seasonal tournaments as outlined by the Intramural Office.
  12. Post Season: An individual must appear in 50% of the regular season to be eligible for the playoffs.

How to Enter

  • For all sports, participants can create a team on All participants are required to register on the site with a free account. Team captains can manage their rosters and other administrative work. All teammates must register on the site before being eligible to compete in the playoffs Sign up instructions can be found here under “Sports Updates”.
    1. All team members must create a free account with and be registered on their team’s official roster by the start of the playoffs. Rosters are locked after that point in time.
  • Team fees are $25. Only checks or money orders made payable to The College of New Jersey will be accepted. Receipts will be given for every payment.
  • Forfeit fees can only be turned in at the Captain’s meeting by the team captain or a team representative. For some sports, entries will be considered on a first-come first serve basis. Be aware of these sports so your team does not get closed out.
  • If you do not wish to organize a team but wish to play on one, register as a “free agent” on the desired sport page on, contact the Intramural Office, but more importantly, attend the Captains Meeting for that particular sport.
  • A Bulletin Board is set aside for all intramural activities in the Student Recreation Center. Information sheets will precede each sport and will be posted well in advance of the competition so everyone may be informed. Other sources of publicity include the school newspaper, posters, WTSR radio, and student television services.
  • Captain’s Meetings: Any team wishing to enter must send a representative from the team to this mandatory meeting. All business will be taken care of at this time. Sport rules, policies and procedures, expectations, and any participant questions will be discussed.
    1. All Free Agents are encouraged to attend the Captain’s Meeting.


  • All rule interpretation protests must be brought to the attention of the official, the other team captain, and then to the program supervisor on duty. All game conditions at that time must be marked (score, time remaining, or inning, players in game, etc). The protest must be made in writing and submitted to the Program Coordinator within 24 hours. Any protest after the 24 hour period will not be accepted for discussion.
  • A protest concerning eligibility may be made to the Intramural Office at any time by any individual or team.
  • Protests involving judgement calls by an official will not be considered.
  • Protests honored by the Intramural Hearing Board will be replayed from the point of protest.
  • Any team utilizing an ineligible player will receive a forfeit, will lose their forfeit fee, and will be disqualified from competition.

Entry Fee

An entry fee will be assessed for each team. The entry fee must be turned in at the captain’s meeting. The Director or Assistant Coordinator will contact the Team Captain when team is disqualified. Two forfeits and your team is removed from the league. This applies to all teams entering all sports. Any team not paying will not receive a team schedule.

FORFEITS: Any contestant or team failing to appear at the scheduled place for a contest at game time, forfeits the contest to the opponent. Game time is forfeit time. If both contestants or both teams fail to appear, both are credited with a loss and the contest is considered a double forfeit. A team is considered present for a contest if no less than one player short of an official game is present (i.e. four players for basketball). The official in charge of the contest declares the forfeit and records it on the score sheet. Any team using an ineligible player will receive a forfeit and will lose their forfeit fee, plus face possible suspension from the league.


  1. Postponements are granted only by the Program Coordinator of Intramurals. Requests for postponement must be made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled contest. if a game is scheduled for Monday and needs to be rescheduled, the team captain must call the Program Coordinator before 3:00 PM on Friday. The game will be rescheduled only if it affects teams which may qualify for the playoffs.
  2. The Program Coordinator of Intramurals decides when climatic conditions justify postponements. The Program Coordinator will reschedule the contest and informs the captains of the rescheduled dates and times by letter and/or phone calls. Postponement time is 2:00 PM for information on postponements.
  3. All postponements will be posted to
  4. Game Rules – all contestants are governed by NIRSA rules except as stated in special rulings provided by the Intramural Office.


The Philosophy of the Intramural Program provides that sportsmanship is essential in every contest. The team captain plays a vital role in encouraging sportsmanship from team members and spectators. Although each participant is encouraged to be a sportsman at all times, officials, supervisors, and administrative personnel shall make decisions on whether to warn, penalize or eject players or teams for poor sportsmanship. The Program Coordinator, will rule if further action needs to be taken when the unsportsmanlike conduct is reported to the Intramural Office.

Intramural Hearing Board

The Intramural Hearing Board is made up of the Director, Program Coordinator, Intramural Assistant and 3 Program Supervisors of Intramurals. They have final responsibility and authority on all protests and disciplinary case decisions.